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Discover the Unrivalled Advantages of Hawke Transit Systems

Discover the Unrivalled Advantages of Hawke Transit Systems

Ensuring Safety, Efficiency & Reliability for Your Installations

Welcome to the world of Hawke Transit System, where safety, quality, and efficiency converge to provide unparalleled solutions for cable and pipe transits.

The unique features of Hawke products and the benefits they offer, enhance the safety and reliability of your installations. From the exclusive Tolerant Blocks to the innovative Compression System, Hawke stands out as the ultimate choice for a wide range of industries. Hawke Transit System set the standard for inspectable and environmentally friendly solutions.

Total Peace of Mind
The Hawke Transit System stands alone as the only totally inspectable system available in the market. We prioritise safety, which is why our products are designed with a colour coding system that minimises the risk of incorrect installation. With clear markings indicating the minimum and maximum cable diameter for each block, post inspections of installed transits become simple. Trust in Hawke to elevate the safety and reliability of your installations.

Safety First: Design and Manufacture with Your Well-being in Mind
At Hawke, safety is their guiding principle throughout the design and manufacturing process. Our products undergo rigorous testing, certifications, and inspections, ensuring they meet the highest quality standards. Moreover, Hawke system's installation doesn't generate waste, eliminating the risk of fire due to flammable materials and damage to auxiliary systems. Choose Hawke for peace of mind and a safer working environment.

The Ingenious Tolerant Blocks: No Onsite Modifications Required
Hawke's Tolerant Blocks are ingeniously designed to accommodate a wide range of cable or pipe diameters without the need for onsite modifications. With five sealing faces that adjust during the sealing process, these blocks offer a tolerance of up to 4 mm for cable diameters. This acceptance range effectively accommodates deviations found in cable tolerances, simplifying your installation process and saving valuable time.

Hawke Transit System Tolerant Blocks

Comprehensive Block Sizes for Greater Convenience
Hawke Transit System offers seven block sizes that can accommodate service diameters ranging from 3mm to 100mm. Each block is clearly marked with minimum and maximum cable diameters, making it easier to select the right blocks for specific cables. The colour coding system further aids in identifying correctly sized blocks for each cable, streamlining your inventory management and installation procedures.

The Innovative Compression System
Hawke's Compression System comprises two essential elements: the End Packer and Compression Plate. Unique steel insert pins on both sides of the Compression System ensure the correct level of compression during installation, eliminating the need for special knowledge or decisions by the installer. The Compression Plate efficiently distributes pressure from the compression tool, ensuring a secure and reliable seal.

Hawke Transit System Compression System

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Industries
The Hawke Transit System offers tailor made solutions for various industries, providing unmatched protection against hazards such as fire, smoke, water ingress, toxic gases and external threats. From offshore platforms to hospitals, laboratories to power plants, our system excels in safeguarding occupants and preserving the integrity of structures.

Commitment to Quality: Ensuring Excellence in Every Aspect
Hawke's commitment to quality serves as our differentiating factor. Our system guarantees total inspectability, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, speed of assembly, increased safety and no installation mistakes. With certifications from leading worldwide bodies, you can trust in Hawke's reliability and eco-friendly solutions.

Hawke Transit System stands as an unrivalled choice for inspectable and efficient cable and pipe transits. With exclusive Tolerant Blocks, an innovative Compression System, and a commitment to safety and quality, Hawke delivers peace of mind and reliability for a broad range of industries. Embrace the advantages of Hawke products for your installations and experience a new level of safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

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Written by Carl Pike - The Duct Sealing Man 

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