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Submit a quotation form and a member of our team will be in touch to assist you with your order

Shake'N'Fill Re-Enterable Gel


Shake'N'Fill is a soft, re-enterable, clear general-purpose silicone elastomeric gel designed for use with electronic and electrical applications to protect against water, moisture, humidity, dust, vibrations and mechanical shock.

Shake‘N’Fill is a low viscosity, 2-component system that is easily mixed within a unique bottle that holds the catalyst in a separate compartment within the lid.

No more messing around mixing and stirring the components in a jug.
Just Shake‘N’Fill. 

Part No. Size
Shake'N'Fill 150 x1 Bottle, 150ml
Seals 1 x 308 WISKA Box
Shake'N'Fill 250 x1 Bottle, 250ml Seals 2 x 308 WISKA Box
Shake'N'Fill 500 x1 Bottle, 500ml
Seals 4 x 308 WISKA Box
Shake'N'Fill 1000 x1 Bottle, 1000ml
Seals 8 x 308 WISKA Box



• Non-toxic and safe
• Quick & Easy to mix
• Fast in cross-linking (<10 min), without temperature increase
• Low viscosity
• Operating temperature: -50/+180°C
• Re-enterable
• Long shelf life
• Dielectric strength: >20 kV/mm

Filling & sealing junction boxes, electrical insulation connections up to 1 kV.

Material: Elastomeric Silicone
Colour: Clear


Technical Data
Adhesion Fully cured Shake‘N’Fill Gel exhibits good adhesion to most substrates such as: Aluminium, Stainless Steel, ABS, PCB Boards, Polycarbonate & Nylon 66.
Curing Time Cross-links within 10 minutes. Full Cure: At 25 degrees, the full curing time is 1 hour. The curing times reduce with higher temperature.
Handling Time Once the two components have been mixed by shaking the bottle, the handling time is between 3 & 5 minutes
Electrical Properties Dielectric strength: 20.52 kV/mm according to CEI EN 602431 standard. Volume Resistivity: 2.0E+15 .cm according to CEI 1523 standard.
Cured Gel Properties After 7 days cure at 23+/-2°C and 65% relative humidity.
Penetration (Cone Weight): 19.5/6.0mm.
Specific Gravity: Part A1 0.97.
Min. Service Temperature: -50°C.
Max. Service Temperature: 180 °C.
Instructions 1. Remove the grey clip at the bottom of the cap.
2. Screw the cap until the internal seal breaks, approx 2 full rotations.
3. Shake the bottle for at least 15 seconds.
4. Unscrew the cap to pour the gel.


Filling Guide
Type of WISKA
Required Shake'N'Fill Gel
Combi 108 (Empty) fixed to a wall 200ml
Combi 206 (Empty) fixed to a wall 100ml
Combi 304 (Empty) fixed to a wall 180ml
Combi 308 (Empty) fixed to a wall 200ml
Combi 407 (Empty) fixed to a wall 320ml
Combi 607 (Empty) fixed to a wall 510ml
Combi 1010 (Empty) fixed to a wall 1010ml
Combi 1210 (Empty) fixed to a wall 1250ml
Combi 1610 (Empty) fixed to a wall 2500ml