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Submit a quotation form and a member of our team will be in touch to assist you with your order

Kraso – Ribbed & Pre-insulated Pipe Duct Sealing System – Type GR

by Kraso

The Kraso Type GR is for sealing ribbed ducting & Pre-insulated pipes within boreholes resisting up to 2 bar of pressure. This sealing system comprises a complete un-welded plate, which means this seal must be installed before installing a ribbed duct. 

The GR mechanical duct seal – Type GR from Kraso, Germany is made from high quality non-corrosive stainless steel V2A,  is ideal for sealing ribbed ducts via concrete foundations or cable ducts within walls to provide a long-term seal against flooding, gas, humidity, pests & rodents.

  • Gentle on insulation: The rubber composition of the Kraso Type GR seal is meticulously designed to treat your insulation with utmost care, preventing any damage.
  • Enhanced pressure distribution: Our seal incorporates central plates that distribute pressure evenly, significantly reducing the risk of potential damage to your pipework.
  • Foolproof torque control: Featuring a patented torque nut, our Kraso seal ensures the correct torque is applied, eliminating the possibility of over-tightening or under-tightening.
  • Flexibility in movement: With a remarkable 8 degrees of deviation and axial movement, our seal accommodates the natural shifts and adjustments in your system, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Type GR is a one-part un-welded solution that can withstand high water & gas pressures, also providing high strain relief. Along with many other advantages, Kraso’s type GR seal can be installed in damp & wet environments, including running water.

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Kraso Type FKF  can be installed into sleeves, conduits and bored holes.

  • Watertight  
  • Gas-tight  
  • Rodent resistant  
  • Up to 2 bar pressure resistance  
  • No torque wrench is required 
  • Radon resistant  
  • Hydrocarbon resistant  
  • High-temperature resistance



Type of Test

Result / Material

Test Standard
Water Pressure Resistance    
1.0 bar / 40mm thickness of rubber
Gas Pressure Resistance    
2.0 bar / 80mm thickness of rubber
DIN EN 13611 (7.2)   
RADON Gas    
IAF Tested    
Gas Permeability    
Temperature Resistance    
Metal Plates    
Non-corrosive Stainless Steel    
Sealing Rubber    
A specially developed mixture of rubber   
Part No. GR100-75 GR125-100 GR150-125 GR200-175 GR250-225 GR300-275
Description Type GR 100-75 Type GR 125-100 Type GR 150-125 Type GR 200-175 Type GR 250-225 Type GR300-275
Bore Hole / Duct I/D 1 x (99 – 103mm) 1 x (124 – 128mm) 1 x (149 – 153mm) 1 x (198 – 203mm) 1 x (248 – 253mm) 1 x (298 – 303mm)
Cable / Pipe O/D 1 x (0 – 75mm) 1 x (0 – 100mm) 1 x (0 – 125mm) 1 x (0 – 175mm) 1 x (0 – 225mm) 1 x (0 – 275mm)