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The APEA Bulletin – March 2024 - Duct Sealing Systems

The APEA Bulletin – March 2024 - Duct Sealing Systems

AC Cable Solutions has been operating within the Fuel Filling Forecourt industry for many years, supplying contractors with our reliable, extensively tested DuctSeal LG duct sealing system. This product has rapidly become the preferred sealing system for protecting ducted networks against hydrocarbons.

We are delighted to feature two sections in the latest edition of the Bulletin, March 2024. Last year, we wrote a technical blog highlighting the critical requirements for sealing cable ducts on forecourts. This piece has become a popular read on our website and has been instrumental in raising awareness of this crucial task. It has also contributed to ensuring the correct installation of products, leading to the reduction and eventual discontinuation of untested and unsatisfactory products, such as expanding Polyurethane, in these critical areas.

We would also like to acknowledge the amazing support we receive from The APEA. If you are in the forecourt industry and are not currently a member, we strongly advise you to contact the APEA now. Becoming a member opens up access to a large committee of experts, knowledge, training days, advice, and, most importantly, educational insights within their technical bulletins. The March edition, which can be downloaded by clicking the  pictures below, features our technical bulletin, and the alested edition of the APEA's technical bulletin. 


SCROLL TO PAGE NUMBER 38 to 40 to see our technical guidence on sealing ducts. 




What is the APEA & The Blue Book?

The "Blue Book" refers to an exhaustive guide developed through the collaboration between APEA and the Energy Institute. This essential document encompasses a wealth of information regarding the planning, building, altering, upkeep, and dismantling of petrol service stations. Fundamentally, it is regarded as the definitive manual for operations related to Fuel Service Stations.

 APEA = Association for Petroleum & Explosive Administration


Other links to references regarding this technical BLOG: 




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