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Submit a quotation form and a member of our team will be in touch to assist you with your order
Submit a quotation form and a member of our team will be in touch to assist you with your order

AC Airtight Grommet


AC Cable Solutions pipe penetration grommet Seals are air seal flashings designed for cavity construction where pipes or cables penetrate building cladding and pass through the air seal membranes such as synthetic building wrap or a flexible or rigid air barrier.

Our range of pipe Penetration grommets provides an internal wall flashing system for pipes that penetrate through a drained and ventilated cladding system reinstating the airtightness required for Passive house constructions.

AC airtight grommets have a flexible synthetic rubber cone (EPDM) that can be cut to fit a standard range of pipes or cables. The airtight grommet Seal comes in sizes to cater for pipes, cables or round conduits from 1mm to 170mm in diameter. The EPDM cone is trimmed to fit the service pipe or cable size. Simple.

The adhesive backing comprises of thin (1mm or less thick) flexible woven waterproof synthetic flashing material coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive. AC airtight grommet seals have been assessed and meet the requirements of many building codes globally.

Part No. Description
Penetration grommet
Sold individually but available as a PACK OF 10
PSEAL170 Penetration grommet
Sold individually but available as a PACK OF 10


Application & Features
  • Compatible with all vertical underlays
  • Reinstates airtightness when used with air seal membranes
  • Provides a service life equal to the façade cladding of at least 15 years, and 50 years for brick veneer cladding
  • Trim to size – always a secure fit
  • Two sizes cover penetrations from 1mm to 170mm (1mm-75mm | 80mm-170mm)
  • May be used with all flexible or rigid air barriers or synthetic flexible wall underlays.
  • May be exposed for up to 90 days in constant direct sunlight (tested in the harshest conditions)
  • Easy installation
  • Affordable – great value for money


  1. Measure the pipe or cable to be flashed and choose the appropriately sized grommet.
  2. Using the markings on the rubber cone, trim slightly smaller than the diameter of the pipe or cables for a snug airtight fit.
  3. Ensure the surface where the grommet is being used is clean & dry
  4. Slide the grommet over the cable or pipe until adjacent to the surface. Don’t force or stress the grommet – re-trim if too tight.
  5. Position the backing tape into a diamond shape. Remove the backing paper and press firmly to smooth out any wrinkles. It will stock aggressively, and repositioning will not be possible.
  6. Always fit the grommets 45˚ (diamond shape) to assist with moisture runoff. For a firm adhesion, ensure all wrinkles are smoothed out well with a plastic scraper